Do Deja and Malik Break Up on This Is Us? Why Do Kate and Toby Split? The Shocking Twists From Episode 10!

After two emotional episodes the This Is Us Season 6 Big Three trilogy concluded on Tuesday March 29 with the tenth episode of the shows final season titled Every Version of You which is centered on Randall Sterling K. Brown and his relationship with his mother Rebecca Mandy Moore. Previously in the trio of siblingcentered episodes we saw Kevin Justin Hartley gain confidence as both a friend and a parent in The Guitar Man then Kate Chrissy Metz and Toby Chris Sullivan came to a fork in the road during a weekend getaway to San Francisco in The Hill.

Every Version of You picks up Randalls story following the Thanksgiving dinner where Rebecca charged her children with living their lives to the fullest despite her Alzheimers diagnosis and also chose Kate to serve as her primary decisionmaker should anything happen to Miguel Jon Huertas—a decision which Randall clearly expected to go a different way. The episode also follows up on the conflict between Randall and his adopted daughter Déjà Lyric Ross which started back in episode 5 when Déjà announced she was planning to graduate high school early in order to move to Boston with her boyfriend Malik Asante Blackk. Heres everything we learned in This Is Us Season 6 episode 10 Every Version of You.

Do Deja and Malik break up on This Is Us?
On the way to Thanksgiving dinner Déjà comments that Malik wasnt being very responsive over text—and while Randalls later in Rebeccas family meeting she learns why. Shortly after the meeting concludes Déjà confronts him saying Malik broke up with her following Randalls talk with him and that she literally hates him now. When Randall says he was just trying to look out for whats best for her because shes his daughter Déjà responds that shes not. Tess and Annie are your daughters. Im just some girl you took from her mom. From the looks on Randalls and Beths Susan Kelechi Watson faces its clear that Déjà drew blood with that remark.

The following morning after Kevin and Kate have left Beth tells Randall that Déjà is gone. Reluctantly Tess reveals that she left the night before to go to Boston in order to convince Malik to get back together. Randall says hes going after her while Beth and the other girls return to Philadelphia but after a pointed comment from Randall about how Kate handles all of the big things now Rebecca announces that shes coming with him. After deciding to take their time on the road in order to give Déjà some space Déjà calls the following morning. Randall hurries to Maliks apartment where theyre both waiting outside.
It appears the breakup is sticking but Malik insists hes not doing it because of what Randall said. He just realized it wasnt fair to Déjà even though he loves her. Randall reassures him that sometimes when something is meant to be these things have a way of coming back around. Does that mean Mailk could still be in the running as the father of Déjàs baby in the future? Seems like thats still a definite possibility. In the car Déjà tells Randall and Rebecca that everything has been so intense for her and Malik ever since they got together. She still hopes maybe someday they wont be and theyll be able to be together. And she tells Randall that he is her dad and shes sorry for ever saying he wasnt.

Why did Rebecca choose Kate on This Is Us?
On their road trip to Boston Randall helps Rebecca reminisce about the special times they spent together when Randall was a kid. But the nostalgia is broken when Beth calls saying she finally got in touch with Déjà in Boston. Randall wants to rush the rest of the way there but Rebecca urges him to give her some space. So in lieu of covering the rest of the distance to Boston they head to a bar.
Later at the winterized motel pool Rebecca tells Randall that she realized after Jack died that Randall had already been taking care of her for years. We see this in a flashback to the Big Three after they escape the community pool in the year 2000 then head to the diner where Kate Hannah Zeile works.

Randall Niles Fitch calls Rebecca to check in then asks her to check the pocket of his backpack where he has a bag of the Eatn Park cookies that the two of them like to share. This Rebecca explains in the present day is why she didnt make Randall the executor. She didnt want to put the burden of caring for her on him after hed already been doing it for his whole life. Youre my hero Randall she tells him And I will not be the person who holds you back anymore.

Does Randall win the Senate election on This Is Us?
On the way to Boston as Randall and Rebecca prepare for bed in their shared motel room Randall gets a call from his assistant Jaewon Tim Jo wanting to schedule a meeting with the senior senator from Pennsylvania. But Randall is reluctant to schedule it citing family issues and wont commit to a date. Randall reveals to Rebecca that the senator has put him on a shortlist to replace him after he retires the next year. But Randall hasnt decided yet if its something he wants to pursue saying he doesnt want to make any major life decisions with so much about their family still feeling uncertain. Its easy to understand what the senator sees in Randall as the episode shows us flashbacks of Kevins life and makes it clear hes always known how to smooth over conflict and appeal to peoples better nature. As a young child hes the one who got his whole family playing together in the pool after Kate and Kevin both had given up for the day.

And as a young adult he persuaded the officer who freed Kate from the pool not to arrest them explaining the difficulties their family had been through and how hard it would be on their mother. Oh and I might be president someday Randall adds as he finishes his speech. So I really cant get arrested. Considering his options in the present day Randall confides in Rebecca that he knows that if he runs for the Senate seat hell win. And he doesnt know where that path might lead. Before they part ways Rebecca asks Randall to sign an article she cut out of a magazine about him. At home she tucks the article into a box of memorabilia she keeps about Randall who has signed the paper To my biggest fan from hers. Randall then decides to go ahead and schedule the meeting with the Senator hinting that maybe the Rising Star article that we glimpse in the fiveyear flashforward may be profiling Senator Pearson.

What happens next week on This Is Us?
Airing April 5 2022 Episode 11 of This Is Us Season 6 is titled Saturday in the Park and the synopsis ominously reads Rebecca and Miguels anniversary barbecue does not go as planned. As a coda at the end of the episode back at Tobys apartment Kate arrives home from her walk fresh off telling Phillip Chris Geere that she wants to be considered for a fulltime job in L.A. Before she can say anything Toby tells her that the Big Green Egg smoker arrived in time for Rebecca and Miguels anniversary party.

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After two emotional episodes the This Is Us Season 6 Big Three trilogy concluded on Tuesday March 29 with the tenth episode of the shows final season titled Every Version of You which is centered on Randall Sterling K. Brown and his relationship with his mother Rebecca Mandy Moore. Previously in the trio of siblingcentered…

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